Paul Fenwick grew up hiking the woods and wading rivers and streams near his home in rural New Jersey. Upon completion of art school in 1987, Paul embarked on a successful, award - winning career as a freelance commercial illustrator working for major companies and corporations, doing technical illustrations and automotive art.

In 1997 Paul did a series of wildlife paintings for a T-shirt printing company, one of his first paintings won Impressions magazine's 1997 "Impressions Awards" contest for outstanding artwork. That same year Paul entered and won the NJ Trout Stamp competition. The fulfillment of painting subjects so significant to his way of life, inspired Paul to start painting wildlife exclusively, knowing he could combine his love for the outdoors with his passion for art.

Being an avid sportsman has proven to be an invaluable contribution to his work, giving him an intimate understanding, appreciation, and respect for the wildlife he paints. It's afforded him a bounty of ideas and inspiration, as well as opportunities to acquire first hand knowledge of his subjects and their habitats.

Paul has had numerous top finishes in many state stamp competitions. He won New Jersey’s 1998 Trout Stamp Contest, won Indiana’s 2000 Trout Stamp Contest and placed 2nd in the 2001 Indiana Trout Stamp Contest. He has been a finalist in the prestigious Wyoming Conservation Stamp competition, as well as a 5-time finalist in the Pennsylvania Trout Stamp Competition where he finished 3rd in 2003, the PA. competition has since been discontinued. In 2005, at the 23rd Annual Ocean County Decoy and Gunning Show Paul's painting "Risky Rewards" - Blue Claw Crabs won 1st place for best acrylic painting.
Paul's artwork has been seen on the pages of The New Jersey Angler, Sporting Classics, Mid-Atlantic Sportsman, Wildlife Art, Pennsylvania Angler & Boater, Fly Fishing In Saltwaters, Art of Angling Journal, Making Waves, and Impressions magazines, to name a few. His donated artwork has been used to raise funds for the Recreational Fishing Alliance (RFA), Trout Unlimited, the Coastal Conservation Association, The Wetlands Institute, Stone Harbor, as well as other non-profit wildlife organizations. His limited edition prints and giclées have been well received by sportsman and collectors alike. Images of Paul's artwork have been licensed internationally, and his original paintings and prints hang in private collections across the US and Canada.

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